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This is my bunny Paddy. He’s got a wet nose and when he wants to be petted he will poke you. He snores. He believes things you don’t like belong in the water bowl (probably because they then disappear and you get fresh water as a bonus). His hobbies are rearranging his cage, running in circles, eating, tipping things over, throwing stuff from shelves, sleeping with his head in the hayrack and licking everything.

In August 2010 he got ill. Very ill. He couldn’t stand up on his own, eat or drink on his own. The vet said he wouldn’t make it. But I could see that Paddy wasn’t giving up, so I kept fighting for him. Getting up every two hours to give him medicine, food or water with a syringe. After 3 weeks of hell he got better.

It’s been a year since the vet told me to “consider ending his suffering”.
Ignoring him was the best decision I ever made.

Paddy is munching away on a piece of cucumber right now, smacking, licking his lips, looking very happy. His head is still tilted, some days more and some days less, and when you pick him up he gets really dizzy and might fall over.
But apart from that he’s no different to the way he was before.

He’s a goofy, loving, old bunny. And I love him to bits. Even when he’s doing his best to annoy me. xD

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